What You Shouldn’t Do When Cutting Down Trees

When cutting a tree down, it is essential that you take the necessary precautions by avoiding these things to keep your property and you safe.

Do not forget wearing safety gear

Safety wear is essential when you are dealing with serious tasks like tree removal. Thus, make sure to purchase and wear them before starting. For example, chaps can stop the moving chain to save your thigh, while a helmet with ear protection and face screen can keep your ear, eye, and head safe. Also, a long-sleeved shirt and cut-resistant, steel-toed boots can be helpful in keeping your body parts from scratches.

Do not use a retired chain saw

Felling a tree is a serious task which requires powerful tools. To keep your helpers and you safe, make sure the chain saw is in the best condition. If it passes the repairing point, then it is necessary to purchase a new one. Do not save a few dollars just to put your life at risks.

Do not work alone

It would be safer when you work with an assistant who watches the treetop for any falling branch and lets you know when it begins to fall. Make sure to tell the assistant to alert you timely with some signs.

Do not lean the ladder against the tree

Many people often lean their ladder against the tree to prune. However, you should avoid doing it at all costs. This might cause serious chain saw accidents or injuries.

Do not lose the grip

It is imperative not to take one of your hands off the running saw. If it kicks back, you can’t do anything to stop it. Thus, make sure to have an encircling grip and use your thumbs to wrap around the handle.

Do not try to fell a rotten tree

It is advisable to leave tree removal to professional tree removal services. If its heart gets rotted out, it can be extremely difficult to guest the felling direction. Also, dead limbs and branches above would shake loose and feel on you when cutting.

Don’t forget to examine chain tension

Before getting started, make sure to examine the chain tension. After a few hours of use, you should recheck it and adjust if necessary. New chains often stretch and should be examined after 20 minutes. Loose chains could fly off the main bar and cause serious injuries. Also, a loose chain might damage the drivers and prevent them from fitting back to the bar groove.

Do not DIY near structures or power lines

If the trees that you need to remove are located near structures or the power lines, it is better to hire a professional service. Doing it on your own can increase the risks of severe damage to your property, which might cost a lot of money to repair. In worse cases, electrical shocks from the power line could be fatal, especially when you are working in extreme weather conditions.