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Problem: So you've decided to move to Microsoft SQL Reporting Services? Now What? You've got hundreds, if not thousands, of reports developed in Crystal Reports. It would take thousands of hours to convert them all one at a time. If it's going to be that hard, why change?

Solution: That's why we developed our conversion service. Our service is just that, a service, not a software product. Although we work so hard and fast, it may feel like a product, but we do the work for you. You send us report templates, and voila, we'll return RDL files.

Our conversion service reduces the amount of time and money it takes to convert your Crystal Report RPT templates to the SQL Services RDL formatted templates. We convert about 90% of an existing Crystal Reports report template to Reporting Services with our Jump-Start conversions or 100% with our new, FULL conversions.


" The reports needed some minor tweaking to get up and running, but your work helped make short order of getting the reports up and running. Thanks a lot! I'll be sure to recommend your services to others. "
- Mike Perry, Inquisite, Austin, TX

" Your conversion service is well worth the price you charge. Your services have enabled me to decrease the number of hours spent converting these reports by half. "
- Tuan Nguyen, Link Staffing, Houston, TX

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